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Out now! Manzo's second studio album

'Outsider’ is Manzo's second studio album.  It features a range of guest vocalists and musicians from the Wellington region.

Very topical themes of corporate greed, politics, masculinity and social pressure, are woven with tales of loss and love, but in an ultimately uplifting album full of humour and hope.

Infusing pop, rock, electronic, classical, hip hop and dance, along with some blatant ‘80s and ‘90s vibes, the music reflects Manzo’s broad musical influences, and also his refusal to be pigeon holed and constrained by genre. 

Classical arrangements flow into grungy electric guitar, synthesised beats support cello and brass.  Guest vocalists bring a range of styles, from soul to soprano, from rap to raunchy rock chick. It’s a celebration of how different styles can be brought together in harmony.

This is an album that talks about the frustrations and flaws of our modern world to anybody that understands how it feels to be perceived as different.  It’s a salute to the outsider.  Manzo has a new dedicated website. Soon, everything 'Manzo' can be found in the one place. Check out the new website 

Debut album 'Ultramarine'

Debut album entered the IMNZ Album Charts on 15th January 2016 at number 8!

Manzo's 11 track debut album 'Ultramarine' was released worldwide on 15 January 2016. The album entered the IMNZ Album Charts at No 8 on the same day.

Background to Manzo

Manzo is the musical alias of outsider visual artist and frustrated public servant, Alan Hodgetts.  Alan has never been shy about experimenting, using any medium or channel to communicate his ideas.  Music gives a popular platform to share his observations and social commentary, whilst providing greater opportunity for creative collaboration. 

In 2015, as a creative concept, he produced a CGI animation ‘Make Peace and Love’ along with an associated soundtrack.   After this he continued composing and producing music, bringing his compositions together into his debut album ‘Ultramarine’.  'Ultramarine' was released on 15 January 2016 and entered the IMNZ Album Charts at No 8 on the same day.

‘…really enthralling aspects’ ( review)

Moving on to create his second studio album ‘Outsider’ has been a real step up in terms of production techniques.  Featuring a range of talented guest vocalists and musicians who have been drawn into the ‘Manzo web’, creating a community of talent and feeding the energy and expectations for the album.

Single - Angel on your Shoulder

Single - Angel on your Shoulder

Single released 4 August 2017 (pre-orders from 11 July)

This is the first single from ‘Outsider’ to be released on 2 September.

‘Angel on your shoulder’ introduces Anny da Silva Freitas on lead vocals with a smooth and soulful performance.  This was the first song written for the album and is the only ballad – an emotional  song of love, loss and hope told with rich piano, strings and drums.

You can get the single from all major online retailers  on Manzo's new website


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Latest news


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Live interview on RadioActive.FM 9 January 2016

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