A marriage in art

SweetArts is a creative collaboration between Wellington based husband and wife Alan and Ellen Hodgetts and has come about because of our mutual love of art. SweetArts provides the platform for us to work together on fun and interesting creative projects. It is our way of opening the door to the world of art and to communicate more widely about the things we do.

Not art snobs!

We take our art seriously - but not ourselves. Clients, visitors to our exhibitions, friends and business associates appreciate our accessible and non-elitist approach to art. We are both practising artist members of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and exhibit regularly in the Wellington region.

Private viewings

Photos can never do justice to artwork. Textures, detail, effects and physical presence can only be appreciated in person. To see our work for real, you can visit us at our home studio and gallery.  Just get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Supporting the rights of NZ artists

SweetArts strongly supports the rights of New Zealand Artists in protecting their creations and livelihoods. All of the content displayed on this website is subject to rights conferred under the Copyright Act 1994, Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008 and the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act 2011. SweetArts is registered under trade mark No 855468 with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand in respect of various goods and services.

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