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For me, art is communication, pure and simple. My work is mostly figurative. I purposely work in a wide range of media and techniques in order to express my ideas, messages and stories. Paintings with oils and acrylics, drawings in ink, pencil and charcoal, metal jewellery and stone sculpture are my main disciplines.My interest in history inspires the way I work. I use bronze age casting techniques to create unique jewellery in precious, non precious metals and alloys and my stone sculptures reflect ancient themes and objects. Social commentary through art is a developing interest to me. My observations of our modern world, particularly human vices, follies and artifice provides a lot of material for my more humourous work. My work is direct and I don't need to write a thesis to explain it. For me, art has to be challenging but more importantly it has to be accessible and lots of fun. I am a practising member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and commissioned works are a significant part of my art practice.

'MethChef II Masterclass', charcoal on paper

'MethChef', charcoal on paper

'MethChef', charcoal on paper

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