2013 Exhibitions

  • 2013 Wellington Emerging Artist Awards: For the second year in succession Ellen and Alan were selected as finalists, with Alan taking top prize, in this annual award and exhibition event run by the Artrium Gallery, Thorndon, Wellington. The art was judged by a panel including 3 professional artists, an art collector/dealer, and guest judge, Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.
  • 'Works on paper' at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts: This open exhibition explored the nature and possibilities of paper. Two of Alan's charcoal works 'Spectator' and 'Sleeping Partner' and Ellen's acrylic on paper, 'Firetwister' were shown at this exhibition.
  • Harbour City Rotary Club Art Awards: Both Alan and Ellen participated in this exhibition. The theme was harbours, homes, boats and seas. The works were exhibited at the CQ Hotel, Cuba Street, Wellington.
  • Phantasmagorical at the Artrium Gallery, Thorndon: Ellen exhibited her pastel work on paper 'Into the Abyss' at this show. Billed as a 'fantastic phantasmagorical dreamscape of surrealism'.
  • 2013 New Zealand Art Show: Alan had a Solo Panel at this years show. He featured his charcoal and pencil works on paper. The NZ Art Show is an annual three-day art exhibition held each year in Wellingtons TSB Bank Arena.
  • Matariki at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts: At this exhibition Alan exhibited Clan 1, 2 & 3, a triptych depicting a band of men fleeing from a battlefield through a blizzard to safety. The exhibition's concepts included the importance of Whakapapa and the nurturing of knowledge and protection of land and natural ecosystems. The works explored the ideas of guidance, navigation and path-finding, personal and collective goals, journeys, and milestones.
  • Thorndon School art auction: Ellen contributed and sold 2 still life oil paintings to this event at the Thorndon Primary School, Wellington.
  • Pataka Friends Art Awards: Alan and Ellen both had works selected for this local Porirua community arts competition and exhibition.
  • Life is Sweet at the Thistle Hall Gallery: From 20 - 26 May we used the entire Thistle Hall gallery to showcase 44 of our most popular works to date as well as a variety of other works for sale under our SweetArts brand. We curated and ran this exhibition ourselves and received very encouraging feedback on our artwork and our art practice.
  • Contempo at the Artrium Gallery, Thorndon: Ellen's 3 synapse works entitled 'Dreaming of custard', 'Icicles are nice'icles' and 'That bright idea that sizzles in the brain' were featured in this exhibition at the Artrium Gallery, Thorndon. Contempo was an exhibition featuring modern abstracts, inspired by shapes, colour, form and texture.
  • UsNow at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts: Ellen exhibited two acrylic on paper works entitled 'Network 1' and 'Network 2' at this exhibition, dedicated to discovering more about the communities of artists and cultures in Wellington and beyond.
  • Porirua IV at Pataka, Porirua: Alan's 'Meet the Ancestors' chronology was exhibited at the 'Porirua IV Artists' exhibition in the Bottle Creek Gallery, Pataka, Porirua City. 'Meet the Ancestors' comprised 22 works including Alan's prize winning charcoal drawing 'Vision', other drawings in oil pastel, graphite and mixed media, paintings in oils, watercolour, acrylic and enamel, plus stone sculpture and jewellery. This was an important exhibition for him, as a debut in front of his local community.
  • Remake at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts: Our collaborative sculpture the 'Tree of Babble' exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts Quarter Season exhibition 'Remake'. This exhibition was dedicated to the concept of artistic transformation, making one thing into another through personal practise and collaboration.
  • Red Tape at the Asteron Building: Alans Red Tape series exhibited from 4 to 10 February in the ground floor foyer of the Asteron Centre, Wellington . The series of 6 large acrylic paintings takes an irreverent poke in the eye of modern bureaucracy. The paintings could be viewed from inside the foyer or from the pavement outside. As was hoped, they raised a few eyebrows, promoted comment and made people laugh. Job done!

'Life is Sweet'

We loved the opportunity to curate our own exhibition at the Thistle Hall gallery in May 2013. The gallery below shows some photos from this successful week.

Live interview on RadioActive

On 2 Feb 2013 Alan was interviewed live on RadioActive's 'Caffeine and Aspirin' show about his 'Red Tape' exhibition, his art influences and emergence into the Wellington art scene. It was such fun! Many thanks to Jen, Christine and Fi at RadioActive.FM. Tune in to this seriously cool station on 88.6 FM or by live streaming at www.radioactive.fm.
Original art pendants

Original art pendants

Released this year, arange of pendants based on our original paintings. 'Dreaming of Custard', 'Acid Girl', 'Iris' and 'ZebraWorms' are just some of our original artworks reproduced on these unique and eye catching pendants.

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